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Official SA Government information sitehttps://sacoronavirus.co.za/

Business for South Africa COVID-19: https://www.businessforsa.org/

Emergency Response number for COVID-19: 111


As per the President’s announcement on 1 February 2021, the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs has yet again published amendments to Regulations for the adjusted alert level 3. The Minister of Transport has also issued new directions.


Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

Amendment of Regulations

  • Chapter 7 has been deleted which does away with a distinction between ‘hot spots’ and the rest of he country. The amended regulations therefore apply country-wide;
  • Movement of persons;
    • The curfew has been adjusted to apply between 23:00 and 04:00 daily;
    • A permit corresponding to form 7 (attached) is required for an employee of a permitted service to travel during curfew; or
    • A person using air travel who arrives or departs during curfew must be in possession of a boarding pass;
    • All entertainment establishments (restaurants, cinemas, etc.) are required to close by 22:00;
  • Opening and closure of schools;
    • The Cabinet Minister responsible for basic education must determine the dates on which schools may be open or closed;
  • Gatherings;
    • Gatherings at faith-based institutions are limited to 50 persons indoors and 100 persons outdoors;
    • Social gatherings remain prohibited;
  • Public spaces;
    • All beaches, dams, lakes and rivers, inclusive of all recreational facilities at these places are reopened;
    • Public swimming pools are open subject to the 50/100 limit or 50% of capacity;
    • Night clubs remain closed;
  • International travel;
    • International air travel (for recreational purposes) is permitted via OR Tambo, King Shaka and Cape Town International Airports;
    • Land ports remain closed for recreational travel until the 15th of February as per the previous amendment to the regulations;
  • Liquor;
    • The sale of liquor for off-site consumption is permitted from 10:00 until 18:00 from Mondays to Thursdays;
    • The sale of liquor for on-site consumption is permitted from 10:00 until 22:00 on any day (subject to existing provincial laws regulating trading hours);
    • Wine farms and micro-breweries may continue to operate and offer wine-tastings and selling for off-site consumption subject to curfew and social distancing;
    • The transport of liquor is permitted again;
  • Prohibited activities;
    • Attendance of sporting events by spectators remain prohibited;


Minister of Transport

Public Transport

  • The owners of public transport facilities must:
    • Provide sanitisers or hand washing facilities;
    • Provide for social distancing at ques;
    • Prohibit gatherings on site;
    • Wear face masks;
    • Require all passengers to wear a face mask;
    • Vehicles must be sanitised after dropping off passengers;
  • Loading capacity:
    • For long distance (more than 200km);
      • 70% for mini or midi-bus taxis, busses;
      • Long distance travellers may complete their journey despite curfew;
    • For short distance travel, 100% capacity is permitted;
  • All operating licences and accreditation remains valid until 31 August 2021.


Cross-border travel

  • Cross-border passenger transport is prohibited; subject to the exceptions specified in regulation 42 (1) & (2);
  • Cross-border freight transport is permitted;
  • Hygiene and sanitation measures are also prescribed for those passengers that are permitted under the Regulations.


Air services

  • Hygiene and sanitation protocols are prescribed;
  • International flights are permitted at the designated airports subject to;
    • A valid negative Polymerase Chain Reaction test (CPR) not more than 72 hours old;
    • OR Tambo, King Shaka and Cape Town International Airports are the only designated ports of entry and exit; but
    • Cargo operations is permitted at;
      • Bram Fischer International Airport;
      • Cape Town International Airport;
      • King Shaka International Airport;
      • Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport;
      • Lanseria International Airport;
      • OR Tambo International Airport;
      • Polokwane Airport;
      • Port Elizabeth International Airport; and
      • Upington International Airport;
    • International outbound passengers must present a negative PCR test and comply with the destination country’s requirements;
  • Domestic flights are permitted;


Railway transport

  • All registered railway operators must develop a COVID-19 management plan which must be submitted to the Railway Safety Regulator;
  • Hygiene and sanitation protocols are prescribed;
  • PRASA may continue commuter services between:
    • Cape Town Southern line and Simonstown;
    • East London and Berlin;
    • Pienaarspoort and Pretoria Central; and
    • Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage.
  • The Gautrain may continue to operate between:
    • Park Station and Hatfield;
    • Sandton and OR Tambo;
  • Long-distance rail transport remains prohibited;
  • Rolling stock maintenance, rail and logistic operators are declared essential services.

Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

Partial reopening of land borders

  •  The 20 land borders which were partially operational, will now be fully operational whilst a further 33 remain closed;
  • Cross-border travellers are required to present a negative Covid-19 test no older than 72 hours; except for
    • Cross-border truck drivers who are subject to a rapid antibody test (existing directions); and
    • Daily commuters who attend school or teach in the republic are only subjected to symptom screening;
  • International air travel remains restricted to OR Tambo, Cape Town and King Shaka International Airports;


Certain gatherings prohibited

  • Gatherings remain prohibited at;
    • Political events; and
    • Traditional community meetings (izimbizo);


National state of disaster extended

  • The National State of Disaster was again extended by 30 days until the 15th of March 2021.