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Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum

FPEF membership is voluntary to any company that exports fresh produce from South Africa.  Our members consist of pure marketing agents, agents who have bought farms, producer-exporters, pack houses and service providers. Our current membership base exports about 90% of all fresh produce exported from South Africa.

Whilst FPEF membership is voluntary, strict accreditation criteria are put in place to ensure that only competent and reliable marketing agents and grower-exporters are admitted to the Forum.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please refer to the documentation below.

Membership Application

Procedure for FPEF Membership application

1. The submission of a completed Exporter Member application form or completed Associate Member application form to the FPEF secretariat signed either by the owner, major shareholder or the designated CEO of the business applying for membership;


2. The submission of a signed copy of the Code of Conduct for Export Members or a signed copy of the Code of Conduct for Associate Members (initialed on every page) by the new applicant;


3. The submission of a signed copy of either Form A or Form B, depending on whether the exporter company seeking membership exports products on behalf of others as an agent (Form A), or whether the company seeking membership export’s only his own product (Form B); *


4. The submission of a signed declaration by the company’s auditors of the establishment of a non-statutory producer trust bank account;


5. The submission of two letters of endorsement from existing members of the Forum (the originals of which are submitted to the FPEF secretariat on the endorsing companies’ letterheads), signed by the owner, major shareholder or managing director of the endorsing companies. Companies of two years or more standing with the FPEF are the only members entitled to ‘endorse’ a new applicant;


6. A detailed credit check on the company applying for membership, conducted by the FPEF secretariat through a reputable credit bureau. This would include scrutiny of the trade record of the applicant in the fresh produce industry, including enquiries in the industry on the commercial standing, integrity and style of leadership of the applicant and its management team;


7. A submission by the applicant (to the FPEF secretariat) in the case of any of its senior management ever having been previously liquidated or sequestrated while engaging in business, whether or not that business was related to the fruit industry or whether that business was in or out of South Africa.


* Does not apply to associate member applications.